Louis C. Schmidt

President 1912-1921

Walter Schmidt

(son of Louis C. Schmidt) Vice-President 1912-1917

Louis J. Schmidt

(son of Louis C. Schmidt) Secretary/Treasurer 1912-1917 Vice-Presidient 1917-1921 President 1921-1948

Nathan H. Schmidt

(son of Louis J. Schmidt) President 1948-1972

David J. Schmidt

(son of Nathan H. Schmidt) President 1972-1998

Daniel A. Schmidt

(son of David J. Schmidt) President 1998-Present
Timber Valley Millwork’s parent company, Combination Door Company,
is a fifth generation family-owned business founded on April 9, 1912.

L.C. Schmidt, founding President, owned and operated a cigar box production shop in nearby Appleton, WI in the early 1900’s.  Making a decision to diversify the family business, sent his two sons to Fond du Lac, WI to start a new manufacturing plant.

In 1912, The Combination Door Company began operations in a former furniture factory and adjacent old school building, manufacturing barn & cellar sash.

Plant personnel shortly after starting operations and renovations to the newly acquired buildings.

1914 the company developed and patented the first wood combination storm door with interchangeable sash and screen.  The original patent still exists today.  Seen in this picture is a company manager switching out a sash with a screen in the door leading into the offices.

1920’s photo of personnel outside the plant in Fond du Lac, WI.

1940’s photo of CDC plant after new additions to expand operations and product offerings.

1940’s internal office personnel and renovations.

1940’s inside plant photo of proud CDC production personnel.

1950’s CDC continually growing and expanding operations to include a broader line of wood storm doors, the Easy-Change Wood Combination Doors, wood screen doors and continuing with the original barn sash products.

1950’s manufacturing expansions to include state of art equipment such as the glue press shown here.

Glue press operator reviewing state of the art programming applications for the time of the 50’s manufacturing capabilities.

Spring of 1968 ground breaking of new 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility and offices for CDC located on the south side of Fond du Lac, WI.

The Combination Door Company continues to this day to manufacture their Easy-Change Wood Storm Doors and barn sash, but also has been long known for their quality wood stile and rail interior & exterior doors.

With the success of the L.C. Schmidt Collection, the full interior door offering, CDC expanded again both in facility and offerings.  By 1994 CDC added 17,000 square feet bringing the total to 97,000 square feet of a manufacturing facility. 1994 brought another expansion through the introduction of a new subsidiary company, Timber Valley Millwork, specializing in the manufacturing of interior & exterior doors in a vast array of rustic wood species, standard or custom designs, and unique product exclusive to TVM.

TVM has grown substantially through the company’s focus of market and product through a commitment to the log and timber frame industry, our commitment of service to our partner dealers/ manufacturers and home owners, and our commitment to quality manufacturing.

Our current location at 1000 Morris Street, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.