Beautiful Interior Wood Panel Doors

21 Sep Beautiful Interior Wood Panel Doors

Our creative professionals at Timber Valley Millwork offer a wide range of wood panel doors to our customers. We craft our doors with several species including knotty pine, knotty cedar, and knotty alder. As a customer, you may face in order for each species either unfinished or finished. Our team has extensive capabilities to customize your wood panel door in various ways.

Custom Doors

We offer doors in a variety of shapes and sizes – there is something to accommodate every taste and preference. Our doors are made-to-order, therefore we have no issue providing customized requests. It doesn’t matter if you want your door prehung in a customized frame or you only need the door slab, we are able to handle your request without causing a problem with the lead time. You are ready to go, we are ready to deliver.

Accessory Options

After you make your choice regarding your wood panel doors, the door size and the species of wood, there are still options remaining. For instance, you’re going to need hardware for your door. What type of hardware do you want? Our OEM series provides medium bronze, silver patina, and flat black. The KW series comes in black, rustic bronze, Venetian bronze, and rustic pewter. After you select color, you can choose a door handle additional hardware to finalize your doors appearance.

Decorative Impact of a Door

An exquisite wood panel door can have a lasting impact on the person who sees it. The door can set the tone for a room even before anyone enters that room. At Timber Valley Millwork, we understand this and we provide our customers with quality start to finish. You get an authentic element added to the dip for your home that can make all of the difference.

Just a single door addition to your home can change the ambience of a room significantly. It can also affect what your home looks like from the outside.

If you are interested in learning more about the wood door, wood cabinet, and other products and services we provide at Timber Valley Millwork, contact us today.

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