Cabin Doors – The Portal to Your Home

06 Sep Cabin Doors – The Portal to Your Home

Are you looking to make a wonderful first impression? When it comes to adding some curb appeal to your residence, your cabin door plays a leading role in welcoming your guests

Our custom craftsman at Timber Valley Millwork are willing partners who provide countless options and configurations, along with custom services that let you display your own personalized entry.

Shapes and Sizes
Some people are looking for something other than the cookie cutter front door. After all, it’s one of the first things you see on a house and it raises the value of your home. Cabin doors come in different shapes and sizes and the good news is that a beautiful front door isn’t necessarily a budget breaker. You can get a custom made front door with stunning glass art and hardware and your entry will be nothing short of impressive.

Dollars and Sense
A new entry door adds value. A new cabin door returns over 100 percent of the installed cost and is considered to be one of those home improvements that has an immediate positive return on your investment.

Beautiful Wood
If your plans call for a front door with character, warmth and style, wood is the number one top choice. Wood cabin doors are unmatched for natural beauty and substance, with a natural or stained finish complementing all types of homes. When you put your front door in the hands of an experienced craftsman from our team at Timber Valley Millwork, the customization possibilities are unlimited.

Drab Door Syndrome
Does your house suffer from drab door syndrome? It’s a common conclusion. Even though doors are essential, we don’t see them as the decorative elements they could be. Your cabin door is an introduction and a finale, both the first and last thing we see, so give your cabin door the distinction it deserves.

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