Exquisite Custom Wooden Exterior Doors

At Timber Valley Millwork, we specialize in custom-built wood doors for log homes and cabins. Our beautiful rustic exterior doors will add that special touch to your home or favorite vacation spot. Impress your guests with the front door of your dreams!

Take a Look at Our Rustic Doors for Sale

One of the best things about investing in a custom door is that you get to choose exactly what it looks like. This opens up a wealth of possibilities that you just won’t get from a stock of ready-made doors. From choosing the type of wood that you want, through to specifying which of our rustic door designs you’d like to select, a custom door opens up plenty of opportunities to enjoy something a little different and special.

Rustic Wood Front Doors Could Increase the Price of Your Property

When it comes to your property, appearances matter. The right front door can provide a distinctive feature on your frontage, complementing the rest of the building wonderfully well. Because we have such a large range available, we can usually provide you with a suitable option that’s right for your home. In some cases, the right door can significantly improve the look of your property, creating a favorable impression to visitors and potential buyers alike.


We also offer customization. For example, you can either order just a door slab to attach to the framing of the home, or you can purchase a complete door set that is already pre-hung in the perfect frame. There are no limits to door size, shape, or material. From French doors to wood paneling, we can do it all. Despite our make-to-order process, the lead times for our rustic front doors are quite competitive. We will have your door built, customized, and shipped in no time so that you can enjoy the beautiful new entrance to your log home or cabin.


There are a lot of choices available to create the perfect door-from door type and wood variety to glass accent and hardware. Although we offer a detailed assortment of options, don’t get overwhelmed. Our experienced staff is available to help you brainstorm and design the perfect door. Let us help you create the perfect rustic entry door for your perfect space.

Enjoy the Look of Real Wood for Your Rustic Wood Entry Doors

There’s something very appealing about the look of real wood that’s impossible to imitate. Although there are good-quality, synthetic alternatives out there, a genuine wooden door gives an exclusive ambiance that’s always attractive.


We offer three basic exterior wood doors: knotty pine doors, knotty cedar doors, and knotty alder doors. Each type of wood can be finished or unfinished, depending on your preference. If you want a more unique rustic exterior door, we can also use any exotic wood varieties that you request.

Competitively Priced Rustic Exterior Doors for Sale

Although our doors are all custom-made, we make sure we keep prices low, offering top-grade doors at a surprisingly affordable cost. With fast construction times and rapid delivery, your door can be with you far sooner than you might imagine. To place an order or to find out more, call us at (800) 273-8964.