Knotty Alder And Pine Doors Offer So Many Exciting Possibilities

17 Nov Knotty Alder And Pine Doors Offer So Many Exciting Possibilities

Do you have a rustic home or a log cabin? Have you been searching for wooden doors to hang in your home so that it has even more of a rustic and authentic appearance? If so, then you should know about knotty alder and pine doors. Knotty alder and knotty pine are two kinds of wood that can be used to make some amazingly beautiful and rustic-looking doors.

Interior Doors

Knotty alder and pine doors would look wonderful inside your home. Be sure that their appearance and color match nicely with the design and color schemes of the rooms in your house. However, since knotty wood can pair so beautifully with such a wide variety of colors and materials, this should not be too hard. The knotty pine or knotty alder doors are recommended to be delivered and installed with a rustic finished look. You could even have a lovely nature scene hand-carved into your door. Another option is to get a rustic French door made from knotty pine or alder. This will look quite unique and charming, bringing a lot of light into a room.

Exterior Doors

A knotty pine or alder door is the perfect introduction into the interior of your home. The classic rustic appearance of your door will give a beautiful transition from the outside to the inside of the house. You can customize the door handle and the window size and placement. You may like to get a carved wooden door. Choose from any of several nature scenes, or if you have your own preferred design, you can have it custom designed to your liking. Of course, you may also get an exterior French door. Your rustic French door will provide a beautiful view of the outside world and bring in a lot of desirable natural light. Check out our knotty alder and pine doors at

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