Log Home Doors – Your Front Door Statement

13 Sep Log Home Doors – Your Front Door Statement

The front door for your log home is a design opportunity that you really want to pay attention to. Don’t miss out on one of the best design statements you can make. The front door is an important architectural design statement, setting the tone for the rest of your home.
Timber Valley Millwork doors are built to exact specifications with state of the art equipment. You can rest easy knowing that your front door will endure demanding wear and tear, and withstand exposure to extreme weather. With our team of exceptional artisans at your service, you’ll receive excellence second to none.

Trusted Quality
The front door is the ideal place to make a statement. Log home doors can give you that personal touch that you have always dreamed of. The doors we offer at Timber Valley Millwork are built to demanding specifications with state of the art equipment with the capabilities for customization, so let your imagination run wild! These log home doors can provide you with the entrance you desire for your log or timber frame home.

Selecting the Perfect Door

Exterior and interior doors can provide a preview of what’s inside and with so many choices in design, it is best to get the professionals advice before you make your purchase. Consider a door’s practicality first and foremost. Insulated doors are a necessity for harsh weather. Choosing your style decisions can include everything from panel design to wood species to glass inserts. With so many choices, take into account the advice of the master craftsman. Their expertise will help you bring out the style of every door of your log home.

Access the Best
For log homes, another popular option is the hand carved wood door. Your front door should be visible from a distance. Create that lasting first impression with unique doors that are designed to match your logs and greet your guests in style. Don’t forget to add coordinating hinges and handles or knobs, iron or glass to complete that special look.

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