What to Expect from Knotty Pine Doors

16 Jan What to Expect from Knotty Pine Doors

When choosing doors for your home, take the time to learn more about the individual wood species you are investing in. A variety of options exists today. Each one offers something different and unique about it. What’s right for your home will work well with existing wood in the space and will make you smile. You have to love the details of the wood. One of the more common options to choose from is knotty pine doors. These doors have plenty of character and appeal to them and are durable enough for just about any need.

What You’ll Find in Pine

Wood comes from living and changing trees. Every one of the knotty pine doors you find will be unique. That’s what helps to make them ideal and unique. These doors often have unique characteristics that vary from one tree to the next. Look closely at the wood itself for the grain pattern present. Look at the knot structure. And, even the density of each piece of wood will differ. Knotty pine is an excellent choice because it is not overbearing. The wood grain pattern is impressive, but it can work well in any situation.

Take a closer look at both finished and unfinished knotty pine doors. What do you notice first? Generally, the wood grain will stand out with more swirls than other types of wood. The knots in these doors tend to be more prominent and darker, but they range in size overall. You’ll find that these doors can be ideal for areas where you want the wood to blend in with other wood structures.

Take the time to consider each of the options available to you in custom rustic doors. Knotty pine doors can work well for those instances when you want a natural, rustic look.

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