Why Do Our Customers Enjoy Knotty Alder Doors?

25 May Why Do Our Customers Enjoy Knotty Alder Doors?

Customers love telling us the reasons why they made their choice of interior or exterior doors for their property, including the styles, wood choice and often, personalized engraved finishes. We enjoy listening to these opinions because it helps us improve our knowledge base and pinpoint where customers become a little unsure about what choices to make. We can share this information, allowing our customers to make better decisions for their Knotty Alder doors.

The Top Reasons Our Customers Choose Knotty Alder Doors

Your final choice of wood for your interior and exterior doors is probably the most difficult decision because you’ll be living with these doors until you change them or move. Some customers know instantly that they prefer knotty Alder doors, while others need time to narrow down their selection.

Many customers tell us that knotty Alder doors feel perfect because they are heavier than hollow doors, and most other solid wood doors. The opening and closing of these doors is both solid and secure.

One advantage of these doors is their high level of insulation which helps keep a room cool or warm in changing temperatures. Because they are great at masking sound, knotty Alder doors are an excellent choice for a home office, bathroom or bedroom.

These doors have an extremely natural appearance and work well within a log cabin or other wooden property. The knots in the wood are real and show the growth cycle of the tree.

We know from our customer’s comments that adding these doors to both the interior and exterior of their property adds value to their home, which is an added benefit when they choose to sell. This is a straightforward way of improving the value of the property, that also provides great pleasure while living in the home throughout the years.

Mostly, it is the sheer, timeless beauty of these doors that our customers are excited about. When it’s time to add interior or exterior doors and you believe that knotty Alder doors are your ideal choice, we will be happy to show you a wide range of styles and finishes and discuss custom options for creating the door to your exact requirements.

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