Why Knotty Alder Doors Are Ideal for Your Cabin

30 Nov Why Knotty Alder Doors Are Ideal for Your Cabin

When choosing the details for their cabin, homeowners often think about cabinetry, wood trim, or other common features, but what about your doors themselves? The doors leading into your cabin and from one room to the next in your interior space should be a carefully selected investment! For many homeowners, an investment in knotty alder doors can be the perfect choice. They add a distinctive feature with character and charm, and are well within reach of any budget!

Why This Wood Works Best

There are a few key things to consider when choosing knotty alder doors. First, these doors are very durable and are ideal for both your exterior and your interior doors. You can also use them for just about any size or shaped door to accent any space or entryway. Most importantly, the knots in knotty alder create an eye-catching, impressive look.

Making Them Your Own

When you choose an alder door, you can customize your new doors to fit almost any need. You can choose to have hand-carved details added to the door – this can make a fantastic statement, especially at the front door to your cabin. You may also want to consider a range of colors or choose to keep it natural. With so many options, this is one type of door you will love having in your home.

As you take into consideration all the options for your log cabin, think about what quality workmanship and a distinctive look can bring to your space. At Timber Valley Millwork, we can help you to choose the ideal knotty alder doors for your space. Call us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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