Why You Should Not Accept a Bland And Boring Exterior Front Door

18 May Why You Should Not Accept a Bland And Boring Exterior Front Door

The main entry door into your property doesn’t have to boring, take the opportunity to create a unique and welcoming statement. Replace the average and dull with custom wood doors that are crafted to accentuate the entrance area to your property.

Adding to Your Property’s Curb Appeal

One of the most popular ways to upgrade the front of your property is to work closely with our team of expert carpenters making custom wood doors for your home. There is no need to stay with the traditional size of the front door to your property when our team of knowledgeable craftsmen can help you create a great one-of-a-kind design, sized specifically for your choice of dimensions.

The more decorative and ornate finish that you choose will help increase your curb appeal which is beneficial to you while you live in the property and an added bonus should you decide to sell.

The design and finish can meet your own exacting standards. You can include kick rails, your own choice of maximum security locks in shapes and sizes that will complement the front of your property.

Although exterior doors are usually solid wood only, custom wood doors can include a glass area. You can choose top rail arches, an arched top, or any style of wood paneling that suits your preferences.

Considering the Weather

Your choice of finish should be more than sufficient to repel the many different weather conditions that may affect the front of your property. Easy maintenance is another advantage and one of the reasons why many individuals choose to have their exterior doors custom-made, adding beauty and durability.

On some log cabins or older properties, barn doors and other style finishes are consistently popular, giving you even more options to consider.

Understanding the fire regulations is important, and we can ensure that all exterior doors meet the local fire codes to ensure safety for your family and visitors.

We enjoy showing our visitors the wide range of wood choices and wood finishes that will bring lasting beauty to your property.

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